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EMBARK on a Website That Performs

Please, do not under-estimate the importance of getting the right website for your business or project. There are many options available to you, including doing it yourself or opting for the cheapest website designer.

I'm going to discuss the former first. If you have the time and the patience to learn it, that's great. But, in the majority of cases, this is just not a luxury at your disposal - we get that.

There are many DIY website builders being heavily advertised with the selling point being, "anyone can make their own website". It's true, anyone can! But, let me compare this to baking a cake (bare with me on this one).

Anyone can go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients for a cake from a recipe book. Anyone can follow the instructions and produce something that looks pretty decent and, avoiding a huge disaster, something that tastes okay too.

These free/cheap website builders are just like that, they will work for you to some extent. But, you will be making cakes that just look like everyone elses. I'm pretty sure you want more than that right? You want to stand out and have some personality to your website?

But where real bakers earn their dough (apologies) is by innovating, getting the best raw ingredients, adapting to a customers needs on the fly.

EMBARK has achieved 11% conversion rates on an eCommerce store. We achieve this through a clear and intuitive UI & Page Speed Optimisation. You won't get this from DIY website builders or cheaper alternatives.

It's a similar problem when opting for the cheapest option available to you. Cost is always a major influence when deciding who, of course it is. However, in the long-run, you may end up paying more. We have had clients come to us just months after getting their new website developed, asking us to fix a poor website; either aesthetically or performance-wise.

Some things in life are always worth paying a bit more for a better quality result. A website is one of those things.

There is a lot of advice available online, including bad advice. Which is why EMBARK are always happy to have a no-obligation chat to answer any queries you may have.

Whether it's our ability to push conversion rates, produce ultra-fast websites or to tell a story, we are certain that we can EMBARK on a journey together.

Whether you are looking for an informational website or an eCommerce platform to launch your new online store, EMBARK can develop and support your project every step of the way.


If you're going to have a website, it should look sweet. We have designed a range of websites from all sorts of industries.


Sure, our websites look great. But what good is that if they do not perform well? User experience and SEO rely on high performance.


EMBARK gets to know you and your project. We develop strategies to help your website deliver the results you need.


We use mobiles and tablets more than ever, that’s why we design your site for all devices and sizes. Included at no extra cost.


Safety is paramount. SSL Certificates, CDN Security & Professional business practise comes as standard.

UK Servers

Fast, reliable and smooth. The fact that your servers are based in the UK is an even better reason to choose EMBARK.




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