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We don't need to tell you how important social media is to your business/project, do we? Just in case, check out this pretty impressive infographic from the guys and girls at Hootsuite.


EMBARK on Creatively Engaging Content

The time we spend looking at our phone screens is ever increasing. The biggest advertising platform to your audience is in their very hands; their mobile phone or tablet, and more specifically, their social media feeds.

Your business or project needs to have a social media presence. Here at EMBARK we can set-up, manage and create the kind of content that is reflective of your brand and one that entices engagement from your audience to  deliver on your marketing strategy.

Whether it be through simple brand awareness or brand loyalty that equates to sales, social media has a big impact.

EMBARK study your website analytics, harnessing the information to understand who your audience like and what they want to see on their feed. Are they craving inspirational posts, health & lifestyle blogs/tips, offers, feel good content or educational posts? The possibilities are endless.

Once we know what format of content we should be offering, it's how and what we are going to do in a consistent and quality-over-quantity way. If you're not actively using social media and getting results right now, the chances are that your competition is.

Get in touch with us today, we can grab a bowl of water and a treat, or a coffee if that's more your fancy? Let's see what you could be EMBARKING on, today.

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Case Study

Website Facebook Page
Content Will Ferrell at His Very Best


EMBARK wrote an article for a gaming website with the keyword research showing there was initially low competition for the desired keywords - a Gap Keyword.


The article ranked #1 on Page 1 of Google search, resulting in an increase of organic traffic from new visitors, which was key in increasing brand awareness and capturing website sign ups. The website's Google credibility was strengthened for this topic and future posts.


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