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Here at EMBARK, we build all our websites on the hugely popular WordPress Platfom with 10 years experience.

Super-fast websites, Schema Markup and engaging content contribute towards sustainable SEO performance.

We keep up to date with Google's ever-changing updates and algorithms to make sure your website is built on the best foundations for success.

It is our mission to make your website perform and get the desired results.

EMBARK on Quality Content

The quality of your website content is now more important than ever. Gone are the days where you can hack, cheat or cut corners to get a boost in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Keyword research is the fundamental beginning of creating content. We determine competition levels for keywords, so you can tailor content accordingly and rank high for it. Don't waste time or resources targeting the wrong keywords.

Our strategic planning allows us to create content that really does tick all the boxes; satisfying Google Search Engine, as well as your users.

Case Study

Website rKade.uk.com
Content Is Call of Duty WWII Copying Battlefield 1?


EMBARK was tasked to write an article for a gaming website to help gain organic traffic.


Keyword research showed there was initially low competition for the desired keywords - a Gap Keyword.

The article ranked #1 on Page 1 of Google search, resulting in an increase of organic traffic from new visitors, which was key in increasing brand awareness and capturing website sign ups. The website's Google credibility was strengthened for this topic and future posts.


Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Content Creation

Keyword Reporting