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We can lead your business to the next level.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy With a Paid Advertising Campaign

A paid advertising campaign for your business can help get results, fast. It can work coherently with your organic marketing strategy, and together can form a quite formidable partnership. We measure our paid marketing campaigns using the 'Return on Advertising Spend' metric, aka ROAS.

Re-target Website visitors across all platforms to chase that conversion. Do not miss out on opportunities to convert.

Case Study

We have a proven our ability to use Paid Advertising as part of a marketing strategy and delivery campaigns that produce results.

What Will EMBARK do for you?

Identify Relevant Marketing Channels

Based on your audience and your goals, we will create a marketing plan based on the most suitable marketing platforms.

SMART Goal Setting

The marketing plan will contain short and long term goals that produce a return on investment (ROI).

Develop Themes & Campaigns

Creating a varying degree of engaging campaigns that provide key data. Find out what your audience really want from your brand.

Report & Reflect

Refine successful campaigns. Evaluate what worked, why it did, and what we would do differently next time. Analysis and understanding of the data is key.

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